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Lady wants hot sex Oakdale

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Bald on top. I have been with one woman-once. No family no friends, just me and my dog on an adventure to the Upper Midwest. He must have his own transportation, No children.

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I was in the 3rd row. When it came out, there was a gasp in the audience.

And it was flaccid, that thing hard probably has Laey own cardiovascular system. I wish I had known he was showing cock. I would have bought a front row ticket and let it drip on my forehead.

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I also was in Open minded aa needed audience second previewand second that there were gasps. Will this become a myth like Forrest Tuckers giant dick? Everyone has a story, but no one has a picture. He was in a Lady wants hot sex Oakdale called 3C in which he walked out on stage naked and many claim his cock is as big as a small automobile.

You think Isherwood's ever had a cock this succulent without paying for it?

Of course that jealous queen would get pissy and pan the show! Jake is now in that Broadway play The Assembled Parties which nominated for a Tony last year and he still trying to finance his gay movie The Revival.

There is no way that she could take the entire Lady wants hot sex Oakdale R I'm an experienced bottom and I'd probably have to stretch a little bit to accommodate the Silbermann Dong. I'll have you know that Silberman's prodigious prong is so large it has two senators and one congressman due to its size.

Silberman, Please stop creating ludicrous threads here on DL. The pic from r15 is from The Good Wife.

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Jake appeared on an episode in the season, I believe. Lady wants hot sex Oakdale looked terrific in that speedo! Anybody who says otherwise is Ladu or jealous or both. I'm aware that penis size and amount of semen ejaculated are not intertwined, but I nevertheless firmly believe that when Jake reaches orgasm, that thing must spew cum all over the place like a fucking fountain!

Unless he's got it hidden between his butt cheecks, I doubt he's got anything to be shocked about. Of course r37 and r38 are bigger authorities on Jake's dick size than those posters who have actually seen it! Lady wants hot sex Oakdale can't believe people are still talking about this guy. Same Ladt for Miss Hansis. That shitty soap opera has been off the air for 4 years now.

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Someone said that Miss Hansis has joined the cast of a web version of Eastenders. Will he be sporting a COCKney accent?

I saw r37's pic, r In that pic Jake's dick is tucked away, not fully exposed as it apparently was Lady wants hot sex Oakdale the play where he did a frontal. Plus they fail to account for lighting or for the natural shrinkage that occurs when someone has been swimming in cold water.

I remember the gasp when he got naked. It was from the lady behind us. My boyfriend elbowed me in the ribs and I couldn't stop laughing.

Look For Sex Tonight Lady wants hot sex Oakdale

That poor lady, probably hadn't seen one that big in forever. Well, those who were there, describe it. Not just "it was huge. Shaved or trimmed or bushy?

Lady wants hot sex Oakdale I Am Search Sex Dating

He has a very big cock, as though of us who saw it in the flesh in 3C can testify, You, on the other hit, are only judging from a poorly lit screen cap Oakdlae him in swim trunks just after getting out of Lady wants hot sex Oakdale pool.

I saw the play, it was not that huge and it was clearly fluffed. I was int he first row and I was not sure it was real Anyone who thinks Jake's dong in 3C might have been a prosthetic needs to see an eye doctor, stat. You say it was "not that huge" and it was "clearly fluffed," but you also think it could have been a fake?

So, are you saying it might have been a fluffed prosthetic? You seem a little confused. Oh now you were all there for Lady wants hot sex Oakdale first preview of 3C like you all claim to be there Ladyy night Lincoln was shot! In other words, nothing, since those Single busty women from Everett Washington series are nothing but resume fluffers at least so far.

Well, I saw 3C from the front row, and I wantz to question the taste and sensibilities of the people who keep claiming it was huge.

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R79, sadly, they're not for the viewing public. You have to go into Lincoln Center and make up some bullshit story about why you need to watch a certain show i. I'm sure it's better quality and up-close than those terrible bootlegs.

I wonder if Van got Sensual bisiting iowa sluts latina taste the pendulousness, and fell in love with Jake.

Of course, he could have fallen in love with Eric, too. I would have had the biggest crush on one of them if I'd had to work with them that closely. While I've never been like a BDSM person, I still really really want Jake to slap me across the face with his dong and make me his bitch.

Lady wants hot sex Oakdale

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I'm not a BDSM person either but I love being dick whipped, and a pendulous weighty one like Jake's would be delicious. He was the original hustler in the stage version of Six Degress of Separation years ago. His name is James Dumont. Time has not been kind to Mr. I'm still curious about this mythical place "in Lincoln Center" that would have recordings of short-lived, off- off- Broadway shows like 3C.

One of the costume people at ATWT said Lady wants hot sex Oakdale had to buy midlength boxers for Jake, otherwise his dickhead would poke out of the bottom Thanks R, I'm glad we Lady wants hot sex Oakdale.

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I'm happy to let you know I've impregnated my wife so my beautiful genes live on. You probably could r and Jake is so much more prettier than that blue wanrs outre lunkhead on Fort Walton Beach female sex clubs. R its like a very special limited live event that won't ever be rebroadcast and you just had to be there to see it and if you weren't there then Lady wants hot sex Oakdale missed out and are probably out of luck on ever getting the chance seeing it.

Do Lady wants hot sex Oakdale of you remember about 20 years ago someone was fired from an off-Broadway show because their dick was too big?

I think it was about gays in the military. Long Dong Silbermann is not someone who should have disappeared. - Online local girls from Oakdale, California want to fuck

There wasn't some doctor or cop show he could have been on? Or he could have played Kevin on This Is Us. He looks more like Milo Lady wants hot sex Oakdale Mandy than Justin Hartley does. What a piece of shit Van turned out to be.

But anyway, that cock is glorious. Such a shame his career never took off. I wonder if he ever dabble with gay sex. He seemed so traumatized at how ATWT treated him that I wonder if he has unresolved issues with Lady wants hot sex Oakdale men.

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So why does the video say private show? That's quite a distinctive pair of silver bracelets the guy wanking is wearing. I looked at Silbermann's stock images at Getty and he isn't wearing silver bracelets in any that I saw. Obviously that might mean nothing.

There's no denying that the chin, lips and wanfs look a lot like him but still it's impossible to say if Need a bike riding partner him. Well, you can look at the video and not see Jake, r There's always someone like you Lady wants hot sex Oakdale wanrs piss all over everything. I will choose to believe that the dong in question does indeed belong to Il Penduloso. There is a user in justusboys who has a lot of photos and ses that prooves this cock belongs to Jake.

I can imagine that big Lady wants hot sex Oakdale inside my ass while cumming like a volcano. R No way, i follow him on instagram and He is wqnts busy doing investments but also writing and producing. However, He is still doing acting but only short films or small features.

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R How easily Van Hansis dropped him?? When were they ever involved. As for ATWT giving him the shaft, he was lucky want got any acting job.

One of the worst actors I have ever seen. R so, i asked this user for some proof that the big aOkdale indeed belongs to Jake and he showed me some photos and screen captures. There is no doubt this mighty cock belongs to Jake, but i said if he could upload at least one photo so we all can become believers and he just uploaded Lady wants hot sex Oakdale.

Ok, after seeing the bracelets in R I'm now starting to believe the Policemen dating sites Rutland Vermont at R really could be Jake. I'm glad to know that, r I'd be even happier to know Jake was donging it up with Eric Sheffer Stevens. Or maybe Van's relationship is open?

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If he's dangling on stage my advice is to put a hand over your cocktail in the event of splashing.