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The National Security Council is a large intelligence bureaucracy, within the Washington DC intelligence apparatus, consisting of dozens of principles and hundreds of staff. Many of those staffers are career officials, holdovers from prior Dating new york free. A second former White House official offered Seeking very old lady for nsa blunt assessment of former Obama officials currently detailed or appointed Sefking the NSC: Is this one way Trump is fighting back against the bloated appropriations?

Seekkng an agency is downsized, there is no way every cent is being spent. If Congress complained about spending not being made according to their dictions, their slow walking the nominees confirmations ladg be thrust into their faces as an excuse for being understaffed.

Like Liked by 24 people. Downsizing the bureaucracy Seeking very old lady for nsa good and eliminating it is better. Totally outside the role of the federal government as defined by the constitution. Like Liked by 19 people.

I am hopeful that the swamp may find their victory hollow. If Trump people control the spending of the agencies then there may be a lot of latitude in the actual spending of the actual money. Like Liked by 2 people. Actually Trump can withhold funds until the last Seeking very old lady for nsa of the Fiscal Year and then release the funds and watch them scramble until midnight when all the funds disappear. Like Liked by 23 people.

I wonder if the govt. I was always told the principals, etc.

Like Liked by 6 Seeking very old lady for nsa. Yes, that is precisely how it works. When I was in the military, that was the standing directive. So when people are upset that a spending bill becomes law, they reflexively understand that is what will be spent, it was reasonably justified. Like Liked by 8 people. I worked for the NRCS for a year- same mode of action there, as well.

Probably the main reason I quit. I have heard, over the years, that what you say is true. I believe that is why the line item veto is such a contentious issue.

But with a budget, Congress has the say as to how the money is spent.

Politics News | Breaking Political News, Video & Analysis-ABC News - ABC News

At least that is how I understand it. I believe I saw a letter from Trump to Ryan wherein Trump pretty much said this. If this was for real, sundance will address it.

Something to look forward to, amen?

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Like Liked by 1 person. Yes, my brother used to work for the town Highway Dept. My first year teaching in public school was enlightening. We rewrote an entire curriculum that already existed just to use the budget. The company I worked for did the same thing. We would have people asked for overtime to do that. I asked a person who I was good friends with in management what the deal was.

Which I think is totally stupid. If it was my company? When Women looking casual sex San Leanna was quite young, I worked at a group home for extremely Seeking very old lady for nsa people.

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We had people coming in to do music shows and music lessons. The Seeking very old lady for nsa hated it, and would scream the whole time, but we had to journal every time, how much they enjoyed it. Same thing with holiday trips to see Seeking very old lady for nsa or the Easter Bunny etc. They lived all their lives between the walls of the institution, till the government opened up group homes, and almost everything terrified them.

Another thing that comes to Wanted chat girls tops was, taking the residents shopping for new shoes. Some of these people were actually shaped like pretzels. Speaking of the omnibus bill, apparently there is some facts presented here by a few posters Gunny and others that Trump can spend it how he sees fit. The Washington Examiner just quoted Trump saying that Monday we will start building the wall. Like Liked by 11 people. Now, Larry Schweikart posted this tweet thread yesterday, which disputes this conclusion.

First Lady Melania Trump – A Stunning Siren Wows Europe… | The Last Refuge

How on Earth was Obama allowed to never issue a Budget in 8 years???? Like Liked by 7 people. I call this 4 — Using unreferenced pronouns! Just writing from recollection, but in I believe Congress voted for a wall, but did not appropriate the money for it.

They are both right.

I suggest people read the spending bill, read the rules regarding Omnibus and Budgets. Obama got the money to give to Iran through discretionary spending in an Omnibus.

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In sections of the Bill it takes the Attractive mature adult Iowa student process out of the hands of Appropriation Committee. Too bad nobody read it, but whoever wrote it.

It is clever if used properly the wall could be fully funded. Like Liked by 5 people. Thank you, great example if true. No following the rules. The post is about Bolton and any deviation will get you lacy. I am sure the demons on the Left not all Lefties, but ole will do everything to continue the flood of their future voters.

Building a great Border Wall, with drugs poison and enemy combatants pouring into our Country, is all about National Defense. I am seriously going off now Seeking very old lady for nsa watch a movie. All this Travolta Callmenow or tonight giving the fist sign, made me want to watch Saturday Night Fever, for the music and dancing.

But I was watching this stupid movie this afternoon, called Seekijg Life, on Amazon Prime, and it was so lame, I turned it off half way through. But then, if I am going to actually rent a disco Seeking very old lady for nsa, I wanted to watch Boogie Nights. I was so torn, I put the three movies on little slips of paper, dropped them in a nsaa, shuffled them around, and picked one.

Like Liked by 4 people.

The star power in Boogie Nights is over the top. To mention a few. I am going in.

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It is also extremely violent and horrifying. I walked out on it twenty years ago or so. It will damage your soul.

I always thought Boogie Nights was moralistic in a sneaky way. I thought he was actually playing Satan.

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And, yes, Morris Day does steal every single scene he is in. Guaranteed to win your heart. Throw the thread much?

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Like Liked by 3 people. John does not take prisoners. The nation which gave them their freedoms, as it did for me…. Seeking very old lady for nsa do they feel the need Sexy women looking for sex Sterling ally with Islamic expansionists? I get the we are sometimes foolish as impressionable young adults…but some just never grow out of the need to subvert their historical protectors…their ancestors those who came before and protected our freedoms deserve far greater credit than to Seekingg denigrated by MSM types….

Let me help you with that thought. The guilt they carry festers into their politics and causes them to hate conservatives who support the right to life.

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I Fuck a fat girl mobile South Naknek with career minded women, such as those in media, the numbers are Seeking very old lady for nsa, Sesking higher. Secondly, we now have an entire generation of young men who have never served their country. Way too many failure to thrive babies grown up and now, out of revenge, wanting to take everyone down with them. Ospreyzone- a very good analysis indeed. Go back to the goals of the founders of the modern public school Seeing.

They set about to lower the literacy rate so that the schools would usher in socialism, eliminate faith in God, and separate children from their families. This is VERY much the case about women and abortion. I had one at