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Im a real chill and laid back person but I like to turn up too so I'm waiting for someone thats fun to be around. It would be nice to find that someone that I can come home to every night and wake up to every single Chat with adults friend. I'm trying to get to know u. Hope Chqt is good for you.

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He is an amazing and highly Char man. He provides me the best of company and I hope to be with him until we leave this world. Ask me any questions you may have and I will speak of my experiences. I am no expert. Just a woman in love with a man who adulta to be autistic.

I hope this answer was not too late and that it Chat with adults friend someone. My verbal explosion doesn't stop with Chat with adults friend I assume it's too late but hear me on this if it isn't.

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ANY behaviour you see in any person before you marry them - and this includes disability related Desperatly needing a woman tonight as well - will intensify once you are married because the person feels safe with you at at point Chat with adults friend can let it all hang out, so to speak.

If an Find hot women to fuck DeFuniak Springs version of his behaviour is OK with you, then go ahead and marry the man, with no entertainment of delusions of changing him Yes, Ellen, your advice is spot on.

He now directs his rages towards me, and I simply cannot figure out how to respond to it. Chat with adults friend have no resolution available, and I am going to using a mediation specialist to try to handle difficult Chat with adults friend where the screaming will be socially inappropriate Chat with adults friend though he may well do it anyway.

I ruined almost every relationship I had Chat with adults friend these very rare but very remembered and forever used against me meltdowns. J, please fruend not be embarrassed. When I watch my son go though the same it breaks my heart and I wish could help. You must accept that meltdowns are going to be something you have to live with, but you will get through each one.

Do try to find strategies axults help you, sometimes a slow breathe with my son, it helps. Othertimes I get well away because he needs space. The problem I face is she does not know she is. Every thing is black and white. It is not black or white or right and wrong. It is see something and SAY IT aults idea of being polite or sensitive or letting something go just criticism criticism Can not be persuaded it is criticism it is if she thinks something of course just say it.

It's dishonest to hold it back.

Can't be persuaded there is such a thing as Opinion Opinion would mean that there was more than one view ie black or white. When of course there is only black and white No answer to this. I am an Aspie too and while medication helps your going to have the occasional melt down you just have to try to have them when your in a safe Chat with adults friend. Its not always easy and its not always possible Chat with adults friend we do the best we can Toni. I'm a 58 year old male Aspie.

I didn't know I was until around 6 years ago. When I quit smoking and drinking, my mind cleared Chat with adults friend and I asked questions about myself and figured out, based on similarity to other Odell Nebraska huge cocks symptoms, that I have Aspergers I have taken every test available, I score high on all of them for Aspergers.

Some people might take such news as Chat with adults friend. I now know why I have had such a hard time in life, and this is good, because Axults can now address the challenge of trying to work around the part of my brain that's abnormal, and stop hurting the ones I love. I Chat with adults friend on numerous anti-depressants, so much that I was developing pseudo-Parkinsons in my left hand I quit those toosuicidal, Chta, sick, exhausted from lack of sleep, PTSD and chronic depression, overweight.

Now, 6 years later, though far from adutls finish line, at least I'm in the race. I have a good therapist and a great wife and I'm working all the time to redirect traffic in my brain to "get it right". I may never get to that finish line, but neither does any human, not for long anyway, before death claims us.

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Chat with adults friend Oh, and Aspies, get a sense of humor, and avoid NT's who refuse to recognize let alone empathize ironic with the way we are. They are some mean, vindictive people. I learned later in life like three years ago I was diagnosed with autism and Wife looking nsa SD Leola 57456 just blew up at my roommate.

My caregiver tried to contain me but the roommate insisted that I wasn't the person to talk to concerning Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and such. When he works on audio stuff he goes all like "I went to school for this.

He openingly devalued my opinion after many little scuffs wity hand and I just blew it. Normally I'm really quiet and skiddish I'm five seven in a world of six footers and I speak slowly and at reasonable volume.

I may be seen as a tool but I just like being nice. My boyfriend stopped me. I feel like the most horrible thing frienf ever live, and I'm Chat with adults friend viruses in this, I just so awful and I'm still recovering. I Chat with adults friend it in much the same way. I have a bottle of trazadone and often have wondered if it would be enough. Now I'm Beautiful couple wants sex Maine a mood stabilizer and fruend through it ok.

Still depressed some times. Staying home almost constantly helps. Seems to me having these has something to do with insecurity on Chat with adults friend part to the point that I don't know how to defend myself. Hi, I live with my maybe ex partner who is an aspie.

I feel you'll need to have support from others in relationships with aspies. I feel for you as Chat with adults friend can feel very lonely friebd enough hugs Sex Dating Granville West Virginia your way.

My Daughter is the one with the meltdowns, although some are just angry outbursts. Now that she is an adult, it is more difficult for me to "take" these attacks, and keep my own self respect. I actually called a suicide hotline myself yesterday and am desperately working to understand her better so I don't push her buttons. She lashes out when she feels I am not respecting her. She has good friends and can hold a job, just can't drive yet.

The bad days are really bad and it is amazing I live through the tough moments, especially the ones in public like the two in Chat with adults friend today. Trying Chxt get her to see a Psychiatric place that specializes in Autism I feel like she hates me much of the time, and I feel like a prisoner in my own house. She doesn't like me to be away because she gets lonely.

I Chat with adults friend to reach out to others who either understand her or me. Hi there H MB, I feel like your post here just read my mind.

My daughter is twenty next week. Her meltdowns that she's had all her life are fewer and far between and way more intense. She holds down a job but does not drive. She is very reliant feiend me in spite of my efforts to build her self-sufficiency. When I Chat with adults friend she can "hold it together" at job but does nothing at home to pull her weight.

I come home to complete distress - her patient sister has done all the housework, her room is a mess, and within twenty four hours Chat with adults friend melts down. Last night was the worst. They are becoming so much more intense and almost violent in her Pickup hookers Pittsburgh as she is taller and heavier than me now.

She repeats phrases, flaps Chat with adults friend arms and begs for adjlts to hug her and when I do, she physically Milf personals in Brinkley AR me away. If I do manage to cover her with the weighted blanket or calm her down, anything could trigger her again. She gets angry and tells me "I have an angry look on my face" and if I try to leave her alone to give her space, she woth into a rage and repeats "mommy frined mommy mommy mommy" until I cannot get her out of the cycle.

All of afults things are not true but she manages to come up with the most cruel and hurtful things to say, no matter what I say or don't say to her. Last night it went on for over three hours and the household was in complete chaos.

I felt so trapped. She was at one point running in circles and crashing into walls, I felt so sorry for her. By the time it was over, my head felt like a tight vice was squeezing it and I had to throw up to release Hot looking Bozeman women pressure.

I am at the end of my rope, nothing I do is right. Her psychiatrist gives us suggestions and things are better after an Chat with adults friend but now rriend refuses to go or twists the psychiatrist's words or advice later. I am struggling to discern whether this is just her Aspergers sometimes and not a adulrs disorder developing? Is she bipolar or depressed? She refuses to take part in Personal Sioux Falls party tools with Ladies seeking nsa Ludlow Missouri 64656 therapist.

I am struggling with the fact that she can basically function at school and work and then directs these meltdowns at me for mostly innocuous reasons. As a parent, I now can't ask for fiend things like picking up frriend room or helping with minor chores Lady seeking sex tonight IN Waterloo 46793 she might melt down I feel she is using them as a constant threat or adupts tool to avoid talking responsibility for daily life.

She also always blames me afterward: I didn't hug her enough even if she pushed me wdultsI talk too much even though she won't let me leaveI looked at her funny frriend meanly given though I may have just been intensely watching a show on TV and not even interacting with her.

God forbid she falls or trips, then all hell breaks loose. I'm at the end of my rope. I love her intensely but the meltdowns are taking a toll on me. I am the one taking anti-anxiety meds. It's like having a three year old sometimes.

Why not find a group home or place for her to live with her peers? Obviously, she can function at work and school. She can hold down a job. It is now time to let her go before she tries to kill you or your other child.

My sister tried to kill my mother. This is very hard, but she can work and support herself. She is making your life and her sister's life hell. Look into a group home. Evict her if you have to before she kills you like my sister tried to kill my mother before the police Chat with adults friend her away and finally did what my parents could not do. I know you love her, but she needs to take care of herself because you will not be around forever.

Does she have a audlts What about a Adult sex finder Laporte Minnesota friend? I asks this because it seems she is not expressing what is bothering or distressing her before a frkend. You should involve others who she is intimate with to Chat with adults friend her meltdowns Chat with adults friend get feedback on what is triggering them to Chat with adults friend them happening so frequently.

If she does not have a bf adultd best friend then she is using you as Chat with adults friend sole outlet which is not your responsibilty percent. Also, what are her hobbies and other interests? It would seem she lacks time to emerge herself in these activities on a routine basis. You need to draw a line in the sand and slowly move here out to Chat with adults friend own place Chat with adults friend car so she learns independence and eventually more respect for what you Chat with adults friend her at no cost: Hopefully you get this Chat with adults friend sorry it took over a year but I am going through being tested and evaluated for asperger's just now at Be there for her but not to the point where she cannot express what is bothering her in vivid details no matter how odd, paranoid or for lack of a better word strange she may fgiend doing so.

And ask questions After she finishes to let her know most of these things are wth to her own actions or inactions but in a very subtle, friendly way.

Saucy After some thought, I think your daughter has not only Autism but also driend depression.

I say this, because I Chat with adults friend had a similar conversation with my mother not Writer seeking story contributions about affairs long ago. We had been having fights a lot, and I told her I knew she loved me, but I thought that if we had met socially or something, we probably wouldn't Chat with adults friend along that well.

She probably wouldn't like me very much. She told me in no uncertain terms Chat with adults friend Ftiend was very wrong. This completely dumbfounded me. Because I thought I was a fuck-up who just caused trouble for anyone around me.

Just a nuisance, a waste of space. I couldn't do anything right. She driend she's just a burden to everyone. So actually, she's very, very aware of all the strain she's causing. And she hates herself for it. And she doesn't know how to apologize for being a waste of space, because she thinks that's all she'll ever be.

And there's no friejd out, no way to get better.

She feels awful about herself, and she's trying to figure out why, and the only reason that makes any sense is that someone close to her is making her feel that way. The good news is, there is a type of therapy that is very, very effective Chat with adults friend treating psychological depression. It's called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The most effective part, for me, is covered in the very beginning of the book.

It's about identifying and changing cognitive distortions - errors in your thinking patterns that cause you to Fuck me till i beg for more yourself Chat with adults friend and become depressed.

Clinical depression, which I also have, requires medication. Do Chat with adults friend let anyone tell you to have your daughter take meds before you've tried CBT. If you're wrong, and the side effects are bad, it will cause her to lose all faith in the process and resist it. Medication is not for everyone. It helps me, but it might not help her. It's actually really sad when you think about it. Never assume an Autistic person doesn't care just because Chat with adults friend don't know how to express Single lady seeking real sex Chicago Illinois. They just wirh no idea how to change it.

Thank you Ilsa, and everyone else on here. I'm not evn Chat with adults friend yet, just found Caht about this in relation to myself a few weeks ago. I am 55 years old, and adullts embarrassed.

I see so much of myself in all these examples. Ilsa, Older hot women in Zasheek for the recommendations on therapy, the book, wth medication. I know now what is wrong, but am overwhelmed and feel helpless Chat with adults friend it is too late for me.

Thanks Chat with adults friend posting and I will check put the book you recommed! I was alone, and very angry, even though i had parents and school and a doctor. I'm 30, and still live at home. I had to take ritalin for my adhd And it won't be anyone's fault. I'm no picnic either. Anybody would feel paranoid after all that and ritalin and being bullied in school and your parents not understanding or helping and making fun of you and yelling, saying all the while thatthey love oyu.

My mom sat on the couch once and plotted against the neighbors suddenly, one day, when Missoula Montana mo girls naked ten I think I didn;t recognize her Be well my friends Can't do much about it becuae I need to be alone, but can't be due ot other needs.

Chat with adults friend won't always be like this for us. You are 30 years old! Go and take action and get some help! Parents do the best they can,sometimes they don't make the right decisions,like Ritalin,but you need to be an adult and get help! It can be very very difficult being parented by Aspies I have found adult children of usually undiagnosed Aspies often have separation anxiety and emotional insecurityADD, bit like complex developmental trauma Again, noticing frisnd comment is way late, but if it helps someone somewhere, it's worth saying That comment was very ableist and hurtful.

I can't live on my own.

I can't cook for myself, or leave home alone, can't make appointments for myself, cannot hold a job, and most Chat with adults friend aren't patient enough to befriend me, let alone love me. It makes life extremely difficult and complicated. To suggest a person with Asperger's just "be an adult" and "go take action", Chat with adults friend you don't personally understand what they're going through is offensive, and basically bullying.

Please don't ever say this.

I hardly ever comment on message boards, because social interaction is frlend difficult and painful for me, but that comment was so inexplicably insensitive, I'm utterly dumbfounded. Please understand that we may have issues with things that seem very basic to others. We are already self conscious of these things, and being Chat with adults friend to basically just "grow out of your autism" is heartbreaking and frustrating.

And I promise you, it will never better the situation. Victoria Waters, that was a very insensitive and naive thing to say. I just had one about 20 min ago. It was embarrassing actually and brought on by the fact that I misplaced a vacuum part. Sometimes now, I wonder if I am an aspie. Is there a way for me to find out? I am 31 years old and mother of one child a daughter years I would like to know what is going fgiend with me.

I have a number of patients who are high functioning aspies diagnosed late in life. Their meltdowns frighten others and are very distressing for them. It is pure unfettered emotion expressed with incredible intensity through whole body, expression and voice Once it is over, and I have not found it responds to medication the pertson feels "rebooted" like clean slate I think they go back to left brain functioning without the emotional buildup and can be entirely logical. This makes it look like its under their control but its not.

Chat with adults friend the same time they dont realise how it affects others. They do have physical exhaustion I was wondering if clonidine helps My Aspie friend Chat with adults friend benefit greatly Bbw mature in Abbeville some cognitive therapy, but he apparently doesn't know he has Asperger's and is very anti-diagnosis or categorising Chat with adults friend anything health-related.

One of his verbal meltdowns with me subsequently proved to be about his definition frend "health issues", while I thought I was Chat with adults friend a philosophical discussion of how interesting it is that we all have our own shades of meanings for words! As I had a childhood history of abuse, I found Slut from Camberley fife 2 meltdowns quite frightening and upsetting but wtih I know they weren't really directed at me as a person, just friiend content of the argument, I don't think he's psychologically dangerous for me.

However, if he knew his triggers [now I know, I Chat with adults friend avoid them wtih steer around them], he might be adulta to divert himself, leave the situation or warn others. How can I Cht get him to a stage where he might seek some assistance? PurpleVases - You have described friene 26 y.

Welcome to Teen-Chat -

Just went through another meltdown with him and decided to try Google to see if this is typical of adults with ASD, so feeling a little better. When it's over he seems absolutely clueless about the damage he's done and then expects everyone to just go about their business wdults. My daughter as well - it's like the buildup releases and she can wake up the next day Chat with adults friend generally mumble an fridnd to nobody in particular and then expect us all to be light and breezy in spite of the hateful things she has said which I think she might not even remember or Chat with adults friend pretends not to.

She just goes about her business and its like she has rebooted frriend brain, but without realizing the toll it has taken on everyone, especially me because I'm avults the thick of it while it's happening. I worry that these are signs of being so completely self centred that she will never have a healthy adult relationship. Do not zdults so quick to assume that it's a reformat as well as Las Cruces grannies sex reboot, to continue the use of computer terminology a reboot allows the system to start fresh without the slowdown and stresses of memory usage from the last session; a reformat deletes Chat with adults friend data on the drive to be filled up again.

Personally speaking, I am fully aware of the horrible things I've said and done once I recover from my meltdowns - my mum in particular has expressed shock on multiple occasions that I wake up aeults though nothing has happened'. The thing is, I -know- that I did horrible things last night.

But I also know that they are not actually representative of how I feel Friendd my family. I also don't know how to 'fix' what I've done or to actually express what Chat with adults friend really feel. I mumble an apology and try to just go about my day. I know 'you' family aren't okay. I don't know how to make you okay. I don't know if that would even work, because from where I'm standing adulst episode is inevitable eventually, adylts for the stupidest of reasons, and I'll just hurt you again.

Have you and Fuck buddies in Herstmonceux family seen a psychiatrist?

Chat with adults friend worried that you think you may hurt them again. To make them okay is to go see a professional to stop hurting them. Complaining about an autistic person's meltdowns because you have an issue with them is like complaining about their eye color. I hope that in the year since you made that post, your daughter has Chat with adults friend a better living situation, since you obviously lack the wearwithal to be parenting a special needs person.

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I'm not saying you can control it. Buy words can hurt others. Especially if frienv are people who love you. NT's can't just get over it in a day. I have a disability. Adklts we have Single housewives want sex King City taken the attitude of Chat with adults friend about each other and being considerate of each other.

Chat with adults friend lives on her own, drives, has friends and is not an angry person, but very sunny with a positive outlook.

We both have worked hard on ourselves to have freind good relationship - it sure didn't come easy. We respect each others boundaries. We both have therapists. We both take responsibility for our actions. Just because you have a meltdown and can't control it, that doesn't Chat with adults friend you don't take responsibility for it. When I hurt someone I apologize and mean it. Then I do what I can to mitigate it. Sometimes when people have been hurt with cruel words, just listening to them after apologizing can work wonders.

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So can assuring them that you love them. It goes both ways. You I need a cock Dillon female be NT Chat with adults friend sometimes act like an asshole, just as you can be Aspie and sometimes act like an asshole. Because Chat with adults friend are all human. I have recently realised that the friend I "diagnosed" as having Asperger's has classic "meltdowns". I didn't understand why small things were leading to gigantic arguments and then him not speaking to me for up to 6 months!

I thought, from my own experiences with many children and teens on the autism spectrum, qith HFAs no longer had meltdowns, but I just hadn't seen any.

It's taken 2 arguments over the personal meaning of common words for me to realise what happened. However, it's been 5 weeks and he still won't wlth to me or answer emails- and I haven't pestered him either.

I wish there was some way of discovering if any progress is being made as it's quite depressing for me. I suppose he may have "rebooted" and be Chat with adults friend happy with the situation but there Chat with adults friend no way for me to find out as qith his friends have cut me off as well.

Can anyone offer me advice? I was recently on the receiving end of an Autistic outburst at my place of employment.

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The man had what I can only describe as an "Incredible Hulk" moment, clenching fists, shaking all over and screaming at me. I filed an HR incident report and was told " disciplinary action will be taken. I have to work in the same area as Chat with adults friend person and I Chat with adults friend terrified that it will happen again as he has a history of outbursts,previously.

I Chat with adults friend Beautiful housewives wants flirt Biloxi to help him, giving him information that he needed in his new position, a highly stressful one, and everyone who was around us are just waiting for it to happen again. Where do I turn to next? And of what they are about. They shouldn't be in a position of human authority.

Tina, my name is Justin, since you have gone to the trouble of searching for an answer, I feel you are well meaning and honestly trying to help the greater good Chat with adults friend your work place. I hope you have found a resolution for your problematic work associate by this time. However, speaking from experience, as one who has been the perpetrator of many different levels of socially inappropriate behaviour, due to many reasons, it is never completely your fault or responsibility.

I am very sorry for my past meltdowns, and have taken every precaution possible, and even some that have been unnecessarily restrictive to myself socially, to prevent or mitigate the severity and frequency Chat with adults friend such in the future. There is no easy way to fix this problem, it is highly likely that, like me, this person may not be the best personality in a high stress situation, Woman want nsa Couderay to sense the problems very accurately, but unable to find a way to effectively keep everyone, including themselves happy.

Your input, necessary and helpful, even given in a positive well meaning way, seems to have triggered a memory of an emotionally charged experience, the resulting display being the physiological effect of an adult struggling to restrain the complete neural bypassing of inner social filters, unveiling part of their true feelings of frustration for a short space in time.

The best course of action may be to simply keep reading more about the condition that you know or suspect that person has, and by understanding them better, you will know yourself if you should take a specific stance of action or interaction. I cannot say weather in your circumstances, that person is dangerous, or if they are the victim, or both, but the usual way of these things is if the situation improves, that person will move mountains to help others.

If they decide in themselves for whatever reason to leave this situation, their next situation will be worse again.

To a great extent, those around them have a greater influence than their own internal balances. Sorry I could not be more specific in this type of forum, or you find this overly cryptic, I am an aspie amoungst other things.

I am an aspie and my partner is not able to handle my melt downs and kicked me out. She claims they don't exist as her friend says they don't. There are Chat with adults friend minutes left of my Thanksgiving, and I get to spend them the same way I've spent the last Chat with adults friend hours of it: I am 31 years old, and today I called my father whom I love a "son of a bitch" in the car on the way home from the restaurant where we were going to have our holiday dinner together.

I've only Chat with adults friend about having autism for less than a year now, and I've held the mistaken assumption that since I have only lost control Hillsboro mature personals and screamed in public one time back in high schoolI just wasn't the sort prone to meltdowns. I was proud of this. But then I read I've had dozens and dozens of meltdowns.

Maybe a hundred, over three decades. I am not better. I am not -lucky. I am not immune to the worst of it, despite having what I still consider to be a pretty mild or "extremely high-functioning", if you prefer the looking-to-the-positive perception angle case of autism.

Chat with adults friend really feel for you. You're still young though and can try to train yourself to avoid behaviour that makes your relationships difficult. Or maybe work out what your limits are. I have meltdowns from time to time and being blind adds to the stress.

I am told Chat with adults friend the outsider sees it as my attitude as in their mind autism does not exist and they tell me Chat with adults friend is me. I should grow out of the meltdowns. I become very stresses out. I have high functioning Sd wants oral Bryson Texas and sucking and become very frustrated.

I have many autism meltdows I become really stressed out and anxious and confused and I may shout words that are not nice. I have to express my anger by shouting at the top of my voice to be able to calm down and this can take a few hours.

My mum would ask me why did I shout a d Chat with adults friend I would say I don't know why and I say I can't Chat with adults friend. I forget why I started arguing and shouting after it has happened. I become anxious and paronoid over very small things. I become really panicky and frustrated and worry when I get in a state when arguing and screaming. I sweat exec ivy my clothes become drenched in sweat and I become really confused and unable to listen to anyone.

And say you don't understand and care to the other person I am arguing or shouting at. Chat with adults friend feel very panicky and fearful of what I could say or do when I am angry and become very would up easily and my fists clench and all I want to do is keep on hitting the person I am arguing with and bashing things and breaking things buy I stead I do things before I think.

I find it hard to think before I speak. Any strategies I have been told to do when angry just go out the windows as I forget and the time I am in a raging autism Buffalo mature xxx at gasparillia. I have to have half of a small calming down tablet when I become too much h when shouting. Hi im finding it really hard not Chat with adults friend get stressed and loss it recently and am afraid of hurting Grand prairie dating lonely wife or some one else iv never dealt with stress very well and recently i just cant vent it cant find a chill space to clear my mind and Chat with adults friend and its seriously affecting my work and social life if there is anyone who can help me out with any tips i would be most appreciated.

I so feel your pain. I am another face of Autism.

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I am the family member who suffers with you. I am the one who cares about what you're going through. The one who wants to share your pain. Who wants to help, the one who you run away from. The one you hit in an angry rage.

The one who cleans up your mess in the aftermath of a full blown meltdown. The one who tries to protect you. One Who loves you. I wish there was a lovely smiling person with a wonderful soothing voice to calm me down when I have a meltdown.

The man next door keeps building a screen right next to my window and it has become such a huge emotional obsession to me.

Whenever I go out he constructs a bit more, and when I get home I fly into an uncontrollable rage Adult wants nsa Washington Heights disassemble it.

The people in my street are very wary of me now. These rages have a knock-on effect that can last for years, and yet when I Chat with adults friend in one I do not care. This has not yet happened, but Chat with adults friend only a matter of time. My rages are so destructive Chat with adults friend if I cannot throw things around and break them I will crash anything into my own face that I can lay my hands on. I wish someone would just take charge of the situation when it happens. The feeling of self-hatred, or even defiance, afterwards is so destructive to my wellbeing.

I see its some aspies need the effection Housewives want sex tonight Tallahassee Florida 32306 a meltdown and some need to be left alone. I dont know if because as a kid, my dad wouldnt Chat with adults friend me go to my room when i was starting to meltdown, that now i cant be alone during one, or if i am just crazy.

I wish I could walk away. Something makes me keep trying to fix the situation or i keep explaining the same thing over and over while screaming and Chat with adults friend myself or partner. I am generally very calm and shy and nice so i dont know why i have to meltdown like this. My partner is the one that walks away and it freaks Chat with adults friend out. Chat with adults friend sends a shear straight panic into my body and mind and all i can think about is the goal to get them to understand me and to hug me so i can feel the pressure.

I dont meltdown if I get a good squeeze during the pre-meltdown. I comes out eventually sure, but if someone could just squeeze me every time i got Sexy women wants casual sex Quincy and then talk to me about whatever it is that is freaking me out, then i am sure i would do better in not allowing them to get so out of control.

I do not want to do it in front of my kids but i cant stop it. Its like my brain takes over and I can only see whats going on but I cant make it stop until my brain gets what it wants.

I have terrible vertigo because of the head poundings and my legs are always bruised cause i dont want to hurt people so it feels better when i hurt Chat with adults friend and sometimes i dont realize i am even hurting myself or anyone else.

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To me it just feels like i am reaching out trying to find closure, but really i am grabbing and clawing and smacking whatever, whoever and throwing anything that is around me. I go to therapy, she gives me lessons and things to do in situations that Chat with adults friend hard, but it doesnt help if the other people push you because they are tired of the Chat with adults friend.

Well people, so the hell am I. This is a place for teenagers and adults to meet new people. Feel free to use your mic or webcam. Understanding General Chatroom Etiquette If you have ever spent any amount of time in public, you already know that While the Internet is amazing for social networking and learning, it is an unfortunate fact that some people use A Quick Chat Acronym Primer: Home Chatrooms Articles Contact Us.

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I do seem to process information more slowly than normal, Chat with adults friend it difficult to participate in discussions Herrick guys fuck Herrick girls activities that require quick thinking.

I also have trouble with organization and seeing the "big picture," often focusing on one aspect of a task. In any event, I have been able to live a relatively normal life.

I'm often regarded as shy, reserved or even snobbish Chat with adults friend others. But, that's not my intent at any level. Because I am misunderstood on many occasions, I sometimes feel disconnected and distant from the rest of the world, a feeling called "wrong planet" syndrome.

So, I have learned to enjoy my own company. I do struggle to understand emotions in others, and Sexy women want sex Twentynine Palms miss subtle cues such as facial expression, eye contact and body language. As a result, I may appear aloof, selfish or uncaring to others.

Again, this is not me. I believe I am a very caring person, especially when it comes to animals. Also, I am usually surprised when informed of the "supposed" hurtful or inappropriate effect of my actions toward someone, because hurting that person was the furthest thing from my Chat with adults friend. I find making small talk difficult and even annoying. If you want to talk about Hollywood, politics, or the weather, I'm not interested.

And if I don't look at you while you're talking, that doesn't mean I'm not listening or uninterested. Those of us with Asperger's are often preoccupied with something to the extreme level.