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Sweet housewives want real sex Napa

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My union is dull. Let me know and we can talk and meet up rela. Hit me up and I'll make sure you don't feel lonesome anymore.

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In which Vicki continues to party harder than a teenager, Heather buys a cake, and Jim Edmonds thwarts Meghan's shopping trip.

Heather Dubrow loves to celebrate. She loves theme parties, non-theme parties, or even just a small soiree on a Tuesday.

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At any fete, you simply must have a fabulous cake, she tells us. Which explains why we begin tonight with Heather at some fancy cakerie asking if the proprietor can make a custom one for her latest excuse to let loose: Because of course they have.

Thankfully, this problem can be solved by throwing heaps of money at it. Meanwhile, David and Shannon are wrapping up their couples therapy retreat.

Back to her laughable attempt at therapy. The twosome are instructed to write their own eulogies, to be read by their spouse while they lie in repose beneath a cheesy foam headstone.

Shannon takes her place on the ground, eyes closed, wrapped in a black blanket, and it looks like David is stifling a laugh. He then appears to cry, which never happens, according to Shannon.

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We argued, yelled, screamed at each other, but I loved him. We get a much-needed reprieve from this malarkey by heading to a juice bar to meet Heather and Tamra, where Tamra whines a bunch about not feeling herself then cries.

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Shannon agrees to this nonsense, promising to do whatever it takes to forgive him. At this rela, I have to stop my girlfriend from throwing a remote at our TV in anger. Speaking of good husbands, Jim Edmonds and his wife Meghan are pursuing some overpriced home decor store.

Moving on, we check in with…Shannon and David and NO. Vicki, wasted in Mexico and thinking about Tamra.

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Tamra inquires about Brooks, who most definitely does have cancer, but feels good enough to travel and Sweet housewives want real sex Napa it up in between chemo treatments, Vicki says. Rogers cardigan, dressed her age for once.

Is it a law that women must marry at least Swewt former baseball player to live in this area? Tamra and Eddie arrive, and Brooks lets them in.

Heather and her mostly empty party bus arrive. A well-lubricated Tamra shouts greetings the way you yell at your deaf grandmother.

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Flashback to last year, when she took a tequila shot with David at some event and ignored Shannon. Meghan succeeds in whacking the donkey open and candy, handcuffs, and little bottles of booze spill onto the ground.

Vicki and Tamra hold hands, which freaks out xex other housewives who were SURE this friendship Sweet housewives want real sex Napa never be rekindled.

Guests dwindle out but Vicki and Tamra are drunk enough to have one more glass of wine together. Maybe Sseet slate is still a little dirty and this calls for more tequila?

Eventually, they both begin speaking at a reasonable volume, hug it out, and agree to be friends again. Have you ever flown a cake on a private jet?

The Real Housewives of Orange County.